Friday, September 16, 2011

Look At All The Pretty Stars...

When I started blogging a few years ago I was just trying to figure out what was important to say and what wasn't.

There are times where I am still trying to figure that out, but I think I've gotten just a little bit better and the trick was to be honest.

Too often, as writers, people get in the habit of saying what they think the reader wants to hear. Me?

I am happy to report that I am a mess of emotions at any given time. I worry about A and my friends; I wonder if I am making the right career decisions, or education decisions, or even triathlon training decisions.

I wonder where the world will be in a few years and how we've gotten to where we are now.

And I wonder if people want to know the real story on any of us or are they happy to just go along with whatever illusion we paint.

Me? I just want to say that I don't always know what's next, only that I believe I am capable of accepting it and adjusting.

I'm moving, yet again.

Through luck, or kismet or sheer coincidence, I have two people in my life who expect me to get better at this writing stuff and it's time for a blog home change. It's okay because I've been working on the graphics here for so long that I'd like to see how the other half lives. The truly creative half.

So, ladies and gentleman, wordpress it is.

But I need some help:

Do I want to be Bubblevishious there or BubblesDeux? This is big. I took both names earlier because I am greedy.

But I'm branding, bitches, and need your help.

I mean, I'm branding, friends, and need some input. :)

So...what do you think?


Sati said...

Yeah, I'm thinking of going Wordpressy. But damn, I just got THIS one set up. I wouldn't be any kind of Bubbles, I would just start afresh, new name, new people. But that's just me. I used to start anew every couple years away from the past. AFF has had me longer than anywhere, I think.

Btw, how do you make a blogger blog post to Facebook? Is there a thing you can add? Because I can't find a thing to make it post automatically, and when I try to post a link it won't give a picture or a description or a title.

Riff Dog said...

My oh my, aren't you the girl on the go? ;-)

I kinda lean towards BubbleDeux, but I do like Bubblevishious, too.

Liam said...

Based on profound depths of, well, nothing in particular ... BubblesDeux. And if you go against my wishes, I'll .. well I'll .. I'll get over it pretty quickly, that's what I'll do. Will you be sending out change of address notices?

Swimmyness said...

Well hopefully you send out change of address links, or, at least post it here so I can go there and read what you write.
I think I'll stick to my blog here, and the aff one, as I end up neglecting one already. Sadly, it's this one that gets neglected, but I still log on to see what you or Smarty have to say :)

Chris said...

I'm a vote for Bubblevishious..gotta go with the classics ya know :-D

Anonymous said...

I vote for Busty St louis.
I am aware that wasn't an option but I strongly believe it should have been.

Anonymous said...

I have my old blog on AFF that they refuse to delete. I have an old one on here that I stopped updating ages ago. I'm pretty happy with WordPress. Sometimes I think about reposting some old stuff at least from here to my WP blog but that feels kind of pointless.

Anyway, back to you. I am kind of partial to Bubbles Deux because there is nothing "vishious" about you, you know? I'm looking forward to seeing you over there.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Busty St. Claire was one of my short-lived AFF handles. Then Busty St. Cheese.

Kidfos said...

Yay. Bubs is jumping ship to wordpress. Kinda like when you used to be in gangs as little kids.

"Cept dont think we have enough wood for the tree house. Though with a big enough crane. ... Hmmm any big trees near TT I wonder.

"Double Bubble" anyone?

BubblevishiousDeux said...

@Sati: I know, on some level, I want to change the Bubbles tone, but not leave without all of you. No way, you are my guides.

Oh, did you put the "Share this" app on your blog? It's a widget and once you add it, it is super easy.

@Riff: I like BubblesDeux, too! And yes, on the go so I hope I don't crash!

@Liam: I'm liking the BubblesDeux love here! And I got scared by the possibility of what you might do if I don't go with it. :) week is Poconos!

@Swimmy: I'm going to keep reading you no matter where you're writing. :) But not like a stalker! I promise.

@Chris: I'm vintage, right?

@TT: I tell you, your wordpress blog is what made me think about moving. It's just so awesome looking!

BubblesDeux...I'm leaning towards it!
Busty St. Cheese! Genius.

@Frank: Busty St. Louis...or Busy San Diego!

@Kid: I'd love to be a part of the Kid gang. I bring my own cranes!

Double Bubble is Double Fun.

Free said...

How do I find your new blog site?

BubblevishiousDeux said...

@Free: I am just waiting for it to be set up tonight and then 'we' announce! 'We' being me. :)