Tuesday, October 7, 2008

These Are Your Neighbors...And I Think They Hate You.

A vote for John McCain is a vote for...

I've been watching clips of a Palin/McCain 2008 (tm pending by Sarah Palin) and as John McCain whips the audience into shape by asking "Who is the real Barack Obama", the audience is clearly heard yelling out all kinds of things.

"Terrorist" is one word that is heard above the rumblings of a group made up of what I assume are moms and dads and college students people living in the same 'probable recession' that everyone else is experiencing.

You can hear lots of other things - McCain heard them too. He heard them loud enough to pause for a second before going on with his vitriol.

You can sit in your home and decide if this is the type of person with whom you agree, but when you hear someone in the audience yell out: "Kill Him" in reference to Sen. Obama, then I question your sanity and McCain's.

I've seen some truly disgusting things in my life - and this new McCain decision to go so negative is frightening. Why? Well, for someone who was done in by similar tactics...well, I guess memory is short-term for some people.

I thought a vote for this ticket would set women back 100 years.

Now I believe it will also set back minorities. Maybe not 100 years, but at least back to the 1950's.I don't really care who people vote for this year. You can't change people's minds. You can't get them to see that just saying it's the Dems running a negative campaign doesn't make it true.Y

ou can't get them to see that the someone is gasping for air when the economy is failing.You can't get them to see that someone who once called his wife a 'cunt'; has a history of anger issues; can't tell when the economy (other than his own) is tanking; can't be called anything other than 'erratic' - well this person needs to be vetted just as much as anyone else.

Playing to people's fears - some people are good at this. What's awful is that I am actually scared. Scared that I live in a country where my neighbors hate someone they don't know. Hate them so much that instead of 'fire' in a crowded theater, it's 'kill him' at a public rally.

Too bad the McCain who ran in 2000 is long-gone. He'd probably be ashamed by this new guy wearing his suits. That McCain would have at least attempted to address the fanatics.

This one courts them.

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