Sunday, February 27, 2011

You've Got To Know When To Hold 'Em...

Four years.

That's how long I've been blogging.

I've done it all. Politics, humor, relationships, parenting.

Love found and love lost.

In all of that time there has never been a time where I could write for myself. I always hedged. Always.

Depending on who was reading, I'd get a lot of push-back for the things I said.

If I seemed unhappy, I was asked why and I didn't always know the answer.

If I seemed happy I was asked why and I couldn't always share.
When I came back from Paris recently I just knew it was time to change. Time to go. I waited until a number of us went to Vegas and decided it was the right time.

Kenny Rogers knew what he was talking about.

Time for a fresh start. Time to remove the vague writing and metaphors. Time to just write what I want.

I'm a bit scared. What if I can't do it? What if, like my first post was afraid of four years ago...I have nothing to say.

Oh, well. Never stopped me before!


Artemis J said...

You have a voice to share. I for one am glad you do.

iamkionda said...

You found a new home! Well maybe a refurbished one (I notice you have some old posts). Regardless, it's all you so hold nothing back. This is something that I'm still fighting with on the daily - holding back - but it's a process. Looking forward to more words from you. :D

BubblevishiousDeux said...


I love that I get to follow you here. I am looking forward to what's next for both of us!


Thank you. I have never had a chance to write just for me so this will be interesting. :)

Stick around and let me know if I totally mess this up!

Miss Mottsauce said...

How exciting to have a venue where you can say it all - be totally you. How freeing!

And I'm thrilled that I get to read about it all! xoxoxoxo

Lisa in Denver said...

Oh, so that last comment...I didn't realize that my computer was signed in on my daughter's account. Oooops - it's me, Lisa!

BubblevishiousDeux said...

Ms. Hotsauce! I love that name, Lisa! :)

Your daughter has a cute screenname!

I made Christy promise to kick my butt if she finds I am hedging. Feel free to boot me a little, too!