Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happiness Is...

Anyone and anything that's loved by you.
.....Charlie Brown

I remembered this morning that my new blog was supposed to have a focus.

Of course, that seems like a lot of pressure. I mean, who is to say what focus looks like these days, right?

I was just talking to a friend and I asked him when he had his first kiss. He said, 13. I said: Oh, now I feel sort of slutty. Thanks, DF. :)

My first kiss took place on a really chilly (by San Diego standards) May day. I was 5 and so was J.

We were best, best, best, friends. I mean, like totally best friends. We did everything together. We went trick or treating together and we played in the dirt together and we caught frogs near the local swimming pool together. His mom would make us peanut butter cookies every Saturday morning while we watched cartoons.

Our moms were best friends and we all lived in the same apartment complex. In fact, J lived right across the courtyard from me so we would wake up every morning and run to the window to yell out the plans for our day.

Those plans usually included: Playing outside until the streetlights came on. Very rough schedule. Good times.

On the morning of my first-ever kiss, J and I were getting ready to see THE movie of the decade. Or our 5 short years. Star Wars had just opened and we were probably really annoying with our excitement. I don't remember the annoying part. I just remember knowing that we were about to see something fantastic.

On the way to the car, J stopped me and handed me a piece of candy for the ride. Then he kissed me. Our moms were watching this and asked us to do it again because they wanted a pic. So, 33 years later, I still have that pic of J and I and our first kiss.

It was magical. I mean, it included everything a girl could ask for, right? Candy, a movie to end all movies and her best friend.

Who wouldn't want to remember such a perfect first kiss, right?

J and I check in once a year and we talk about what we've done for the year. He's such a great guy and has a really fantastic family. Of course, he thinks I have this great life here in NYC. I swear those San Diegans need to get out more.



iamkionda said...

You're lucky. I don't remember my first kiss. I'm sure it was magical but my brain is keeping that memory hostage for some reason. Lol.

BubblevishiousDeux said...

@Kionda: If it is being held hostage, then that was really some magic!

I keep that pic of J and I in a frame on my bookshelf. Why? I don't know. I just like the innocence, I guess. :)

chrisp2412000 said...

My god this is horrible...I have ZERO memory of my first kiss..heck you had a awesome one too..AND remembered it lol Completely adorable !!

Note to self: NO regressive hypnosis therapy sessions...who knows what's in that black hole of a brain :-D

Atlanta_Red said...

I don't think my playground wedding in first grade tops your first kiss! Well done, Bubbles!!

BubblevishiousDeux said...

@Chrisp: Aww man! No hypnosis for you? Shoot! Think of all we could learn!

I think having the pic helps me remember. That and it was Star Wars. This geek can admit that played a role in the memory retention.

@Red: YOU had a wedding? Man, I knew I should have held out for bigger candy!

BenSmarty said...

J says: Don't remember the details but I remember the girl -- Ann Breen. She lived up the street and we were inseparable until I moved after 2nd grade. Now my daughter was quicker. In preschool she was crushed to discover that she could not marry daddy because he was already married. Then one day she proudly announced that Gregory had said "yes"!

BubblevishiousDeux said...

@Ben: I like M and I haven't even met her! A girl who knows what she wants and goes right after it!

As for Ms. Breen - 2nd grade love is a pain, especially if you aren't nearby to hit the playgrounds together.

BenSmarty said...

S says: Can't remember my first kiss at all. But I know the details of all of my girls... all at age 3 in preschool, believe it or not. Racy age. A was Andrew, E was Michael and C was Nicholas. Keep this post so I don't forget :)

BubblevishiousDeux said...

@Smarty: I can't believe you remember all of the names!

3 is such a funny age. They are all lovey and stuff. Then they don't like boys for a few years. Then, BAM!

How come you don't remember your first kiss?